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Masonic Fishing Charity

Did you know that there is such a thing as the ‘Masonic Fishing Charity’?

The charity, inaugurated in 1999, has the sole aim of bringing the countryside and fishing experience to disabled and disadvantaged people, particularly children.

It organises fly and coarse fishing events around the country with participants invited from special needs schools and similar organisations.

Not only is it a great fishing experience, it also provides a stimulating experience for those taking part, with those experiences being used extensively when the children return to school.

This year Freemasons, together with non masonic helpers, will be running masonic fishing charity events in thirty areas across the country, giving over ninety participants the opportunity to build special memories.

Sussex #Freemasons have now been holding masonic fishing events in the County for ten years, bringing unforgettable memories to almost 500 children.

Three events remain to be held this year with fly fishing taking place at Duncton Mill Fishery, #Petworth in September and coarse fishing at Passies Pond Fishery, Lancing in July and Forest Springs Fishery, Upper Hartfield in October.

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