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Freemasonry has an enviable record of providing regular and consistent financial support to individual charities over long periods, while at the same time making thousands of grants to local charities and projects throughout England and Wales each year.


Contrary to popular belief, one does not have to be a Freemason to benefit from Masonic charity. Freemasonry is second only to the National Lottery in the level of money donated to charitable causes in the UK.


Please contact us if you know of a good cause in Sussex that would benefit from receiving financial assistance. Also see our Masonic Charities links below for more information on Masonic charity organisations.

Confidential Enquiry Line
0800 035 60 90
0203 146 3333
Charity Grant Department
0203 146 3337
TLC Appeal
15 Ormonde Gardens
Leigh on Sea
General Enquiries
0207 596 2400
RMBI Care Co
60 Great Queens Street

The Masonic Charitable Foundation builds better lives by enabling opportunity, advancing healthcare and education and promoting independence for Freemasons, their families and the wider community.

Funded entirely through the generosity of Freemasons and their families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country.

In addition to the support provided to Freemasons and their families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation looks beyond Freemasonry, making significant financial grants to charities that help people to live happy, fulfilled lives and to participate actively in society.

The charities supported make a significant and lasting difference to people in need. We aim to benefit as many people as possible and further those causes about which Freemasons and their families have told us they are most passionate.

The TLC Appeal originated after an allergic reaction suddenly caused the swelling and blocking of the windpipe of the wife of a Freemason. Her life was saved by the rapid action of the medical staff at an A&E unit, who were able to resuscitate and stabilise her. They are both eternally grateful for the swift and caring attention that she received, but found the experience the most frightening of their lives and speculated on the distress that children must face when visiting A&E units.

The idea of doing something useful for medical staff at A&E units was discussed with other local Freemasons, and from that point the compulsive idea of “Teddies for Loving Care” was born. The Appeal was launched in Essex in 2001 and has since been adopted by most of the Masonic provinces across the country. Prior to the launch, a great deal of research was carried out. Hospitals were asked how many teddies would be needed. We had to establish what style and size of teddy would be suitable in order to meet stringent toy safety regulations and be ‘cuddly’ enough to appeal to small children. We needed to find a distributor that could source and deliver the teddies for us at reasonable cost. By canvassing local Masonic lodges and explaining the concept, we gained confidence that support for the Appeal would be there.  Thankfully, after 12 years, that support and enthusiasm for the Appeal still exists and well over 1,000,000 teddies have now been distributed nationwide. Most of the money raised to fund the Appeal comes from Freemasons themselves through lodge donations, but we also receive some donations from grateful individuals and the sale of TLC merchandise e.g. other teddies (not the ones supplied to hospitals) and lapel pins.

Not every child visiting A&E will receive a bear. The medical staff use their discretion and will give a bear to a child that is suffering particularly from trauma, injury or illness. They use the bears to befriend the children, to reward them for being brave and in some cases to demonstrate what they are going to do.

A care home combines freedom from the stresses of keeping up a home, with the security of knowing that your needs will be met. For some people it not only provides better care but brings a new lease of life – free from the worries of trying to cope alone.

We are committed to delivering services that promote the dignity, independence and choice of the individuals we support.

Person centred care is at the heart of what we do and this is reflected in how we engage with our residents, visitors and staff.

Many of our Homes are registered for both residential and nursing care and all can offer places to people with dementia following an assessment of their needs.

The service is comprehensive and takes care of the everyday chores, to give residents and their relatives time to enjoy life. In addition, a comprehensive activities programme is provided which residents can participate in if they wish.

Whatever services people need, we care for them professionally and kindly. We treat people as individuals and we work together with everyone to design a care plan that meets their needs and allows them to experience wellbeing and meaningfulness.



In addition to the above charities, as a fraternity we give to over 10,000 organisation and individuals a year outside of the Freemason world.

At the Sussex Festival in 2017, Masons within Sussex raised over £3.6 million pounds, of which over 50% was then given away to non-Masonic charities like Hospices, Youth Groups and Relief Workers to help them.

Charity is at the core of what Freemasons are about. Being able to help those less fortunate than ourselves, whether they be a brother or not.

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